ProcessGo is an RPA solution that can automate business processes by mimicking human work. Use RPA to perform manual and repetitive work 24/7, accurately and efficiently, allowing you to redeploy your resources for higher-value tasks.
ProcessGo is committed to help our clients reduce labor costs, eliminate manual mistakes and increase productivity. ProcessGo is non-disruptive and does not require changing your existing systems, platforms etc. For more information on how we deliver value to our global customers using ProcessGo, please visit:
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Solution Scenarios
Monitoring your Digital Labour
ProcessGo includes a Portal that manages and allocates resources centrally in your RPA solution. ProcessGo Conductor is responsible for monitoring the operational status of robots and providing feedback with real-time reports.
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Success Story
A successful implementation for taxation powered by Inossem ProcessGo in Canada. Large numbers of transactions flow to CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) and Revenue Quebec for GST/QST, including payroll tax declarations. The client has benefited from the improved efficiency with a reduction of 95% of the workload. This project took only 4 weeks to go-live using our agile RPA project methodology.
Partnering with Chatbot is a machine-learning company located in Waterloo, Ontario that provides deep NLU services for conversational applications. Partnering with is part of the global RPA strategy for Inossem, which defines ProcessGo as the “doer” and NLP Chatbot as the “chatter”resulting in a smarter and more user-friendly interaction between human and technology.
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