Rapid Delivery Methodology by Inossem (RDMI)
Inossem is a leader in cloud software for customer engagement and operational excellence. Inossem’s Rapid Delivery Methodology is simple, ready to consume solutions, offering integration and immediate responses to business needs. Implementation is supported by a standardized methodology and content based on best practices developed uniquely for each offering.
Rapid Delivery Methodology by Inossem is
Additionally, through our SAP partnership, SAP HANA customers are provided with a platform designed to evolve and extend as the customer’s business grows. In addition, our customers recieve immediate value through prebuilt analytical content that comes with rapid-delivery solutions.
Rapid Delivery Methodology by Inossem
Drives faster outcomes to gain competitive advantage
Integrates business optimization, technology implementation, and project management based on industry best practices and standard functional applications, to deliver end-to-end smart core applications for customers
Promotes quicker innovation
Focusing on application scenarios and commercial value realization through experiential delivery, helping customers build quick, efficient business processes and application functions
Maximize longevity and impact of solution
Based on in-depth industry insights, long term cooperation with benchmark clients, and rich experience in digital transformation projects, we deliver digital transformation planning and construction plans to be implemented quickly
Allows rapid production release
Using the product roadmap as the benchmark, we adapt mainstream technologies, build on independent and controllable platform architecture, achieve rapid product update and iteration, and reducing the delivery cycle
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