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Inossem is a leading technology company that supports organizations in their digital transformation. Inossem relies on innovative products and service approaches to help clients improve operational efficiency and drive business growth.
Inossem Canada is a subsidiary of Inossem Ltd, whose head office is located in Montreal, Quebec. Inossem Canada serves clients across the country and has an IoT and AI research and development labs in Canada.
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Achieving sustainable growth through global digital practices.
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How we achieve success is as important as success itself which is a core value on which Inossem was built.
Inspired by innovative ideas, Inossem is developing and integrating technologies to assure the success and support the business growth of our customers.
Inossem as a global R&D and service network across several geographies with collaboration from the different lines of businesses to ensure knowledge sharing, complementarity in services, languages and cultural background.
Inossem requires that its employees are responsible and accountable in every aspects of their actions.
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