You can rely on InData to better understand what innovation AI technology brings to the Master Data Governance (MDG). InData is built on vast experience and deep learning of master data consolidation, cleansing, searching and re-organization. InData is one of the smartest components that can be plugged to any MDG scenario.
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Master Data Harmonization

Harmonization of material master data is key to supply chain integration. Lack of master data governance often leads to poor master data quality. End-users that are part of the supply chain often struggle to identify the correct SKU number when similar descriptions are used or if that same material is interpreted in different ways. A high volume in duplications or discrepancies in the material master data will negatively impact your productivity and lead to disruptions in your supply chain.

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Data Central Subscription
Supply chain operations are collaborative by nature. InData is a central solution that organizes a variety of master data originating from various planning to execution systems.
Master data registration will take place within the central application and then propagate to subordinate systems through distribution or subscription services. Subscription presents greater benefits for subsystems requesting data on-demand. Consolidation of the master data translates into superior advantages, in terms of consistency, accuracy and cost of on-going maintenance.
Exceptionally Simplified User Interaction
InData presents an exceptionally simplified and user-friendly interface. Forego complex formatted parameters and characteristics, this revolutionary technology is powered by Knowledge Graph, providing a flexible search engine. This searching functionality allows users to quickly locate the data that is required and minimize the time and manual interactions resulting in reduced efforts.
Success Stories
TERMINUS GROUP is a smart city solutions provider leveraging AIoT integration with smart building, community and security equipment. Inossem InData solution is helping TERMINUS to manage millions of materials data that is used in their digital projects around the globe. TERMINUS is also partnering with Inossem to improve their product and service portfolios in APAC and MENA region.
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Xiaomi, a technology company, is currently the world's fourth-largest smartphone manufacturer with an established world class consumer IoT platform, and more than 213.2 million smart devices connected. Xiaomi’s products are operating in more than 90 countries and regions around the world with a leading footprint in those markets. Inossem InData is organizing Xiaomi’s supply chain material and vendor master data centrally to ensure resiliency and reliability within their global supply chain.
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