A quick introduction to what is IPAS and the chosen customer scenarios to improve supply chain performance.
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B2B business network data exchange
IPAS data integration platform simplifies data exchange between you and your business partners. IPAS quickly configures and deploys the interfaces connection for most popular platforms in North America. EDI standard has been leveraged with X400 to European channels and X12 for Norther America’s.
IoT smart equipment orchestrated
IPAS solution is interoperable and allows for interconnectivity between your ERP and various IoT equipment, such as RFIDs, tags, controllers or even Robots. IPAS is a brand-new IoT gateway solution for Industry 4.0 components.
RMA process deployment across various platforms
Return Merchandise Authorization process is operating from CRM (Customer relationship management) system, warehouse management system, seller’s order system and even LSP’s (Logistic Service Provider) system. Inossem has implemented IPAS at Lorex to automate most of their RMA process steps, resulting in a decrease in repetitive order entry workload by 80% and nearly eliminating all manual errors.
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